Aggressive or play especially when working with rescues

Aggressive in dogs can be a fine line. Especially when working with rescues.

I really try to emphasize to be very careful labeling a dog aggressive.

Here are some warning signals.

  • Stiffness - when a dog is stressed or tense they will appear rigid and stiff. the face will become tight brows furrowed
  • Freezing - not moving
  • Direct stare - they will not blink
  • Snarling - the dog will lift their lip before they growl or snap
  • Growling - it will be a deep low combined with the above actions

Remember these Rescues we don't know what happened to them so we need to know their behaviors and work with them.

Hopefully with training and love, More rescues will be adopted.

The number one reason people surrender their cute little puppy they got is because they didn't take the time to train them.

And they turn into a bigger puppy and that bigger puppy in not trained can become a problem.

Again strays we don't know what happened to them. So we need to take the time with them and work with them.

If anyone ever has a question please reach out to me.

I'm in my last of of my training to be certified, but I train all my Labradors for all kinds of stuff.

My one chocolate Labrador Roxy Pure bred, good lines, ect… We had aggressive issues YES a Labrador! It can be any breed.

Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions.