Baby It's Still Cold Outside!

Ugh! it's still cold outside for us East Coast.

People and we like to stay indoors if its too cold! But for our four legged friend they still need exercise! Its important for your dog to get daily exercise. It helps with their physical and mental wellness just like us humans! Exercise with your dog also creates a wonderful bond! Don't know what to do with your dog when its cold out? Here are a few ideas to get through those winter blues.

1. Play a game!

I like to hide treats in the house and have the dogs go find them. Of course I have labs so they find it pretty quick, but a few times get them moving and tires them out!

2. Challenge your dog!

Roxy and Clyde (even Abby) love when I put yogurt or wet dog food in a kong and freeze it. They spend a good time licking it to get it out. Believe it or not that tires them out! And its a great treat!

3. Sign your dog up for a class!

SO many classes out there now for your dogs. Anywhere from agility , swimming, to Dock diving! Even a good obedience class is good. Its great exercise and if you take the class too it's a great bonding time!

4. Puppy Daycare

I don't know if you do this already, but if you don't YOU SHOULD! It is great for socialization! My dogs know the minute we turn on the road they get excited and can't wait to get in to see all their friends ( and uncle Tab of course). And your dog will be TIRED after a day at puppy daycare!

5. Ok,Ok,Ok, anyone who knows me, knows I hate the cold and winter. BUT! Get outside! If you have dogs that don't mind the cold, get out there! 20-30 minutes in the snow helps the muscles on your dogs get toned. If i can walk the labs in cold weather you can too!

Now I know tomorrow is the first day of spring. But unfortunately its going to be a cold one with some snow in the forecast for us east coasters. So try some of these tips . It may surprise you how much your dog will love you even more! So stay warm and pray for some warmer weather in our future so our four legged friends can get out and play more!!!!