Kids and Dogs

So in my new adventure of going to school to be a certified dog trainer I have noticed and helped a few people with kids and dogs, and how they interact with one another.

Did you know how many people get rid of their new fury friend because they say they don't get along with their kids? ALOT.

If families with kids and dogs were trained and the kids were involved more it would be much more pleasant household.

I think kids growing up with dogs or any pets for that matter is healthy, they help kids with stress and even can help kids with confidence.

When picking a dog or puppy for your family ,be sure to do your research on breeds.

If you want a pure bred from a breeder , make sure you're asking questions and also ask questions at rescues and shelters.

Some breeds are not good with kids, so always do your research.

When introducing a new family fur member, always see how the mood is of your dog.

If it's a puppy make sure the kids don't act too quickly it can scare the puppy.

Always take it slow and let the kids approach the dog or puppy slowly.

Having your kids help with training creates a wonderful bond and a lasting friendship between them. It's amazing what little kids can learn too.

I just recently helped one of my friends that got a new puppy. She called me and said the puppy keeps nipping the kids ( she has a 5 yr old and a 2 yr old) and they are scared of this adorable Labrador puppy?!

Well if anyone has ever had any kind of puppy then you know how sharp those little teeth are. So I went over to see the situation and yep that little pup was nipping.

So I showed the kids how to react to the puppy, if they run that puppy will run after, if they scream that puppy will get excited or scared. Then we learned how to get him to sit and redirect if the puppy starts nipping.

Making it fun for the kids and the puppy is a piece of the puzzle too! Of course mom and dad will be happy and not frustrated.

So a week later I get a text from my friend with a video of the 2 year old (yep the 2 year old little girl) calling the puppy and having him sit and rewarding him with a treat and petting him nicely!!

It can be done! So if you stay consistent and work with your kids and get them involved in training it can be a wonderful experience and bonding for everyone in the family.