Live Like Wolfpack

Live Like Wolfpack

Training and Nutrition

Hi! My name is Stephanie Wolfinger! I graduated from Animal Behavior College in 2019 when I became An ABCDT. I am trained in positive reinforcement based training techniques.

After my education I decided to mentor with a dog training facility for 1 1/ 2 years and also worked with various shelters and rescues to train dogs to be more adoptable. In 2021 I decided to go back
to school and get my certification through Southern Illinios for canine and feline pet nutrition. In 2021 I also took accredited courses with the parenting pooch to further my knowledge in training kids, puppies, dogs.

I always continue my education so I can be learning what is happening in the dog training world.

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If you are interested in training services please complete the survey so I can assess which training program will best fit your needs.

Stephanie Wolfinger

New Puppy Set Up

Setting up and making sure you have everything can be a little overwhelming.

Kids and Puppy/Dog Session

This is a fun session forbids to learn how to interact safely and properly with a puppy or dog.